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Feedback on U Wanted 2 Know Blogging

posted Aug 13, 2010 16:14:35 by uwanted2know
I am looking for feedback on the course, U Wanted 2 Know Blogging. Many are enjoying the course and creating very good blogs. Any suggestions for enhancement to make things better for you will be acknowledged.
Carl Haavaldsen
U Wanted 2 Know
Skype: rmcglobal
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UschiSzego said Sep 09, 2010 11:11:48
Hi Carl,

I like to give a feedback .

This is a great course for bloggers of any experience. Yes, any. Let's talk about me. I am at the babyboomer age ( 60 something) not much experiance on the net. This e-book was the best money I have ever spend on the net. And I did spend a lot, getting sucked in with lots of "Get Rich Quick". There is not such a thing as "Get Rich Quick ".

This e-book U Wanted 2Know has by now over 30 Video and about 300 setup's. It is easy for everybody, mind you, me, being a bit older, it took me a bit longer . But never mind, I am now able ( and have done) to set up a blog. Carl's teaching ( Carl has been in Network Marketing for 30 years or so and has been head-hunted to do trainig on many network marketing companies) is a step by step progress, about what plugins to use, how to interact with socal network,what to do to blog, and ,and ,and,............

So, if you are looking for a " Get Rich Quick thing promising you " get this and you make $ 137,00.00 , than this is not for you.

But......... if you like to start something real, a solid business,
a great blog,getting trafic to your bog.

You are at the right place.
Uschi Szego

uwanted2know said Sep 09, 2010 19:23:18
Thanks for the great feedback Uschi, and you are right, this is not a get rich quick product, rather it is a product to help business owners get a better presence on the internet and take advantage of the product and service sales they can make from adding additional resources to their blogs related to their business.

Carl Haavaldsen
U Wanted 2 Know
Skype: rmcglobal
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